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Abaden TTFA – Replace all teeth with dental implants

TTFA – Replace all teeth with dental implants

What is TTFA?

The TTFA TeethToday Full Arch® is an exclusive treatment developed by ABADEN’s team of surgeons and dentists that allows to restore all the teeth of an arcade with dental implants in a single session.

This treatment lasts approximately 4 hours, although the sensation of the patient is the one that has taken place about 30 minutes, during which time the patient is asleep. Our anesthetist, specialized in dental sedation, is responsible for the patient sleeping and enjoying a pleasurable sensation.

Benefits of dental implants – TTFA system:

  • Short-term procedure.
  • Minimally invasive technique.
  • Implants of immediate load.
  • Definitive treatment, recovers the function and the aesthetics in a single day.
  • Natural look of your teeth.

Why perform dental implants in Abaden Dentistas?

  1. Clinical Session: We perform a joint diagnosis involving doctors, dentists of various specialties and prosthetics. The benefit is that the patient is being treated by professionals who have 28 years of shared experiences and more than 25,000 implants placed.
  2. Experience: 28 years of experience in implants. The medical director of Abaden was one of the first dictators of courses for implantologists. Number of cases of TTFA: About 1,000 cases in the last 12 years, more than 150 cases carried out and documented in 2017.
  3. Material quality: We work with 2 of the most reputed brands of implants worldwide and with one of the best Protective Laboratories in Barcelona.
  4. Dental Sedation: We have a team of fixed anesthetists, this allows us to offer our patients the sedation service every day of the week.
  5. Index of Failure and Success Guarantee: Our index of failure in implants is very small. In addition, if there is any problem, we will take care of solving the problem at no cost to the patient.


1. First visit
At the first visit, the dentist performs an exploration in the mouth and takes some photographs and x-rays to have the maximum possible records of your case.
2. Case study
Dentists of various specialties gather in a clinical session to study together all your records, agree a diagnosis and plan a treatment plan. In most cases it is necessary to perform a 3D scanner of the mouth
3. Molds
The treatment is explained to you and we solve all your possible doubts. Next, you take some molds from your mouth to make your prosthesis fixed on implants. You will also have to present an analytic for the anesthetist.
4. Sedation
We cite you for the intervention. Before the operation, our anesthetist supplies you with sedation so that you will find yourself in a state of deep relaxation similar to the dream.
5. Surgical intervention
While you are sedated, you remove "natural" teeth (if any) and you place dental implants. Once placed, the prosthesis is fixed on the implants.
6. Control and revisions
During the first year, we will make a revision with the dentist in which cleaning is also carried out, to guarantee a long lasting treatment. Year after year, annual reviews are made.
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    In what cases is the TTFA recommended?

    It is indicated in patients who wish to recover the function and the aesthetics of one or both arches in a single session while they relax.

    How long does the intervention last?

    It usually lasts about four hours.

    Will i feel pain

    Thanks to the dental sedation, the patient will not notice anything, will be in a state of deep relaxation similar to the dream at all times.

    What is the price of dental dental prostheses on implants?

    There are not two equal mouths and, therefore, there are no two identical implant treatments. Therefore, before offering a treatment plan and a budget, at Abaden Dentistas we make our patients a first visit in which we obtain records of their mouths (photographs and x-rays). Subsequently, all our specialists meet in clinical session to develop a diagnosis together. From this diagnosis, our implantologists will be able to know exactly what is the oral situation of the patient, which will allow to determine the recommended action plan and the exact cost of this treatment.

    Is there a risk?

    There are some cases in which we can find problems with the integration of the implant with the bone, either by infection or by biological causes. These cases are very rare in our centers.

    What happens if I have no bone?

    In our clinics we perform complex surgeries such as elevation of if for patients with low bone quality that allow the placement of implants.

    Should the first prosthesis be replaced?

    It is recommended, but not necessary. The first prosthesis is designed to act while the implants are integrated into the bone (6-12 months). In most cases, after this period, it is replaced by a more resistant prosthesis although some of our patients carry more than 8 years with the first prosthesis.

    How often should I make a review?

    An annual review is carried out in which the dentist performs a cleaning (both of the implants and gums and the prosthesis) to guarantee a long durability of the treatment. Over time, the prosthesis placed undergoes wear and tear resulting from the pressures exerted by chewing (just as with ordinary teeth). The durability of the prosthesis will depend on the characteristics of each person and the good use and maintenance that is carried out. Over time it is possible that the prosthesis should be repaired (in case of fracture) or replaced by a new (in case of severe wear and tear).


    financiación dental    
    At Abaden we know that there are certain personalized treatments that are more expensive due to the material and instruments required. However, they are still necessary, which is why we want to make payment easier so economic issues don’t become obstacles.
    • Financing: Up to 36 months interest free or up to 60 months with preferred conditions.
    • Payment distrubution: pay monthly treatment fees in convenient installments.
    • Possibility of a discount for paying for the treatment in full at the beginning.
    • Automate your payments for convenience with direct debit.
    • We accept credit card payments.
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