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What is implantology?

Implantology is the discipline that deals with replacing lost teeth with materials that simulate the patient’s natural teeth in function and aesthetics. For this purpose, dental implants are used, made of biocompatible materials that are placed in the maxillary bone, artificially replacing the root of the tooth. They are connected to a denture or crown so that the patient can have a normal life, eat and smile as they would with natural teeth.

Benefits of implantology

  • You will eat as you did before, without pain
  • Bone loss caused by lost teeth is avoided. With dental implants, chewing is restored and bone formation is stimulated.
  • Improves dental aesthetics; You will not see spaces where you lack teeth. Dental implants are connected to a crown that simulates a natural tooth in shape, color and appearance.

Why do dental implants in Abaden Dentistas?

  1. Clinical Session: We perform a joint diagnosis involving doctors, dentists of various specialties and prosthetics. The benefit is that the patient is being treated by professionals who have in their possession 28 years of shared experiences and more than 25,000 implants placed.
  2. Experience: 28 years of experience in implants. The Medical Director of Abaden was one of the first course instructors for implantologists. Number of cases: Around 2,000 implants placed and documented in 2017.
  3. Quality of materials: We work with 2 of the implant brands with the most reputation worldwide and with one of the best Laboratory Protésicos in Barcelona.
  4. Dental Sedation: We have a team of doctors anesthetists fixed, this allows us to offer our patients the sedation service every day of the week.
  5. Failure Index and Success Guarantee: Our implant failure rate is very low. In addition, if there is any incidence we will take care of solving the problem without any cost to the patient.


Dental implants
Dental implants are pieces created to artificially replace the root of lost teeth.
Immediate loading dental implants
This is a new technique whose main advantage is that the patient leaves the clinic with the implant in the same day.
TTFA - Replace all teeth
TTFA, our star treatment. We replace an entire arch in a single session while you sleep with sedation.
Zygomatic implants
Zygomatic implants are used in patients who have lost both the teeth and the surrounding bone.
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Clinical Cases


“Nunca me imaginé que podría verme tan bien después de la operación. Ponerme implantes en Abaden ha sido de las mejores decisiones que he tomado en la vida. Iba dejando pasar el tiempo porque tenía miedo al dentista, si llego a saber que iba a ir tan bien, lo hago antes”


“Parece una tontería pero, cuando te falta un diente, no te ves igual ni te ven igual. Hace poco me pusieron un implante dental en Abaden por un diente que perdí y el cambio me ha dado más confianza. He vuelto a ser el de antes”.


Pilar Ruiz

3 / 5 ( 4 votes ) “Te sientes siempre supertranquilo porque te lo explican todo. (…) Para mi ha sido ganar calidad de vida: vuelvo a comer, vuelvo a sonreír y te da la seguridad de ir por ahí tranquila. (…) El trato es superhumano, desde la recepcionista, las auxilares, los protésicos, todo el […]


Who is recommended for?

Dental implants are recommended to patients who wish to permanently repair their teeth.

How old is the treatment?

If you follow your dentist's instructions and go for the revisions, the implants can last as long as your natural teeth.

Can I put the implants at the same time that my teeth are removed or should I wait?

It depends on the cause of the lost teeth. If there is no infection and the bone is in optimal conditions, the implants can be placed on the same day that the teeth are removed. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the period of time indicated by the professional.

It is painful?

The dentist will numb the area for treatment with local anesthesia so you do not feel pain during the procedure. In the Abaden centers it is possible to do the treatment under dental sedation, which will relax you. Our team of anesthesiologists will supervise the procedure at all times.


financiación dental    
At Abaden we know that there are certain personalized treatments that are more expensive due to the material and instruments required. However, they are still necessary, which is why we want to make payment easier so economic issues don’t become obstacles.
  • Financing: Up to 12 months interest free or up to 60 months with preferred conditions.
  • Payment distrubution: pay monthly treatment fees in convenient installments.
  • Possibility of a discount for paying for the treatment in full at the beginning.
  • Automate your payments for convenience with direct debit.
  • We accept credit card payments.
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