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Abaden Dental Sedation – Relax at the dentist

Dental Sedation – Relax at the dentist

What is dental sedation?

Conscious dental sedation consists of a combination of medications that help relax and block the pain. It is a technique by which we place the patient in a state of deep relaxation similar to the dream.

This treatment provides a solution for patients who, during the increasingly complex and longer dental dental treatments, seek greater comfort.

In Abaden Dentistas we have a team of fixed anesthetists. This allows us not only to offer the dental sedation service every day of the week, but also to offer lower prices for sedation for our patients.

Who is it for?

To all patients with panic at the dentist, who want to perform their treatments quickly or simply to have greater control from the anesthetist.

What are the most sought after treatments with dental sedation?

  • TTFA
  • Dental implants
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Conservative or aesthetic surgery treatments in the medium to long term.
  • Combined oral rehabilitation treatments that involve the participation of dentists of different specialties.



1. Administration of the sedative
The patient stretches to the dental armchair and the anesthetist administers the sedative.
2. Relaxation
When the sedative is effective, the patient enters into a deep state of relaxation that stays throughout the treatment, and that will give us a sense of well-being.
3. End of treatment
Once the treatment has finished, the patient wakes up with the sensation that it has only been 10 minutes stretched to the dental armchair. After a few minutes after waking up, the patient can leave the clinic and make life normal.
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For what type of patients, dental sedation is recommended?

It is indicated:

• Patients with little time to go to the dentist who prefer to perform several treatments in one session
• Patients fearful of the dentist, or who suffer from anxiety and who are bad at the time of being treated.
• They seek greater comfort.
• Patients who, due to their health in general, require anesthetist control.

What am I going to notice?

You will not hear anything, as well as being asleep you will be anesthetized and, therefore, you will not have sensitivity in the areas of the mouth that we are dealing with.

Will i be aware
If. Despite being asleep, the patient is aware at all times. Therefore, if the dentist asks him to open his mouth, he will do it, although later he may not remember having done it.

Is the treatment safe?

If. In fact it is the safest. There are patients that we could not treat without dental sedation because their health conditions require constant control by an anesthetist throughout the treatment. The sedated patient does not have any type of stress; It is monitored at all times by the anesthetist, and dentists can devote themselves to working with more comfort in the patient's mouth.

How will I find later?

Well, with a sense of well-being. This is an effect of medication that is used for sedation. The last record he will have is that of the anesthetist when he told you "Now you will notice that you sleep."

How long will I be sleeping?
It depends on the treatment we are going to perform. The majority of sedations that we carry out last for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours. There are cases outside these limits, but they are not frequent.

Is it normal to fear the dentist?

Yes, it's quite usual. Studies in Dentistry show that almost 65% of dental patients experience anxiety. Most fears and traumas of adults originate in traumatic experiences of childhood and adolescence.

Should I meet some requirement?

Our anesthetists will do a pre-medical evaluation. It must be in 6-8 hours before the procedure and go home accompanied.


financiación dental    
At Abaden we know that there are certain personalized treatments that are more expensive due to the material and instruments required. However, they are still necessary, which is why we want to make payment easier so economic issues don’t become obstacles.
  • Financing: Up to 12 months interest free or up to 60 months with preferred conditions.
  • Payment distrubution: pay monthly treatment fees in convenient installments.
  • Possibility of a discount for paying for the treatment in full at the beginning.
  • Automate your payments for convenience with direct debit.
  • We accept credit card payments.
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