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Ceramic dental veneers

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What are ceramic dental veneers?

They are thin ceramic sheets that are placed covering the entire front surface of the teeth. They are strongly attached to the tooth with a special cement.

Dental ceramic veneers are a dental solution used to improve oral aesthetics; in particular, they allow to correct problems in the size, shape or color of the teeth.


Benefits of ceramic dental veneers:

  • It is one of the most aesthetic treatments that exist.
  • Improve the appearance of your smile.
  • Lasting

Why do Dental Veneers in Abaden Dentistas?

  1. Clinical Session: We perform a joint diagnosis involving doctors, dentists of various specialties and prosthetics. The benefit is that the patient is being treated by professionals who have 28 years of shared experiences to their credit.
  2. Experience and training: We perform and document every year more than 500 cases of aesthetics (dental veneers, aesthetic reconstructions, smile makeover, etc. ..) every year. Our specialists in aesthetics have Masters and Postgraduate degrees in Esthetics and dental restoration.
  3. Quality of materials and innovation: We collaborate with the best laboratories to offer the highest quality and design in our prosthetic works. The use of CAD-CAM technology allows us to offer a perfect fit in all the work carried out.
  4. Simulation: The Abaden Dentistas Group offers its patients a free simulation, made with specialized computer software, which allows us to represent in a very reliable way how your smile will look before carrying out the treatment.
  5. Free mouth mock-up: Wax veneers are designed and tested in the patient’s mouth. Once in the mouth, the necessary adjustments are made until the patient is satisfied with the result, at which point we can proceed to the manufacture of dental veneers (porcelain or composite). In this way the patient can see how the treatment will last before doing anything.
  6. Sedation: Abaden Dentistas pioneered the use of conscious sedation in Aesthetic Dentistry treatments. Sedation allows the patient to be asleep while we fix their mouth, in this way we can perform complex aesthetic treatments (3-4 hours) in a single visit.
  7. Lumineers Extra Thin Veneers System: The Abaden Dentistas Group has professionals with the Official Lumineers® Veneer Certificate (course held in California by the Den-Mat Corporation laboratory)


1. First visit
On the first visit, the dentist performs an examination in the mouth and takes some photographs and x-rays to have the maximum possible records of your case.
2. Case study
Dentists of various specialties meet in clinical session to study together all your records, agree on a diagnosis and plan a treatment plan.
3. Waxing Diagnosis
This procedure allows to see in the mold and in the mouth through the Mock-Up, what will be the final result of the veneers even before starting to work.
4. Preparation
Small modifications are made and molds are taken and sent to the laboratory to make the veneers.
5. Color selection
A record is made of the current color of the teeth and the color you want to achieve with the veneers.
6. Cemented
After a treat of the tooth and the veneer, a special adhesive is used that makes them become one piece.
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Clinical Cases


“He abierto una ventana que tenia mucho tiempo cerrada, ahora he recuperado la confianza y la tranquilidad de poder sonreír sin complejos”


“Mis dientes han vuelto a ser los de antes,  incluso pienso que han quedado mejor que antes. Estoy muy contento con el trabajo y con todo el equipo de Abaden.”


“Mi boca ha mejorado muchísimo gracias a Abaden. Ahora puedo hablar en público, reír, sin complejos. Antes había situaciones en las que me avergonzaba, pero ahora hasta puedo presumir.”


In what cases are ceramic veneers recommended?

They are indicated for all patients who wish to improve the aesthetics of their smile. It is the dentist who determines, through a clinical examination, whether it is possible to perform the treatment, especially in cases of severe crowding or defects in the relationship of the arches.

How long do ceramic veneers last?

The ceramic offers a high resistance, therefore, if the oral conditions are optimal, they will last as long as your tooth lasts. It is necessary to take into account the conditions in which each mouth is and the habits of the patient. The dentist will indicate if it is advisable to put them or not.

Is there any risk?

The main risk of ceramic dental veneers are fractures. The dentist must assess whether the veneer can be re-cemented or, on the contrary, a new veneer should be requested in the laboratory.

Can I see the final result before doing a treatment?

If you wish, you can before making the treatment make a presentation of how your smile will be once the ceramic veneers are made. We use a computer program of dental simulations.


financiación dental  
At Abaden we know that there are certain personalized treatments that are more expensive due to the material and instruments required. However, they are still necessary, which is why we want to make payment easier so economic issues don’t become obstacles.
  • Financing: Up to 12 months interest free or up to 60 months with preferred conditions.
  • Payment distrubution: pay monthly treatment fees in convenient installments.
  • Possibility of a discount for paying for the treatment in full at the beginning.
  • Automate your payments for convenience with direct debit.
  • We accept credit card payments.
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