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Abaden Damon orthodontics

Damon orthodontics

What is Damon quick orthodontics?

Damon orthodontics is the most advanced orthodontic bracket system. It is characterized by not using any ligature to join the bracket to the metal arch. This allows the movement of the tooth to be carried out in a free and physiological way, avoiding in this way and, in almost all cases, having to perform dental extractions.

At Abaden Dentistas we believe that Damon orthodontics is the most advanced, fastest and best performing system. Therefore, all our orthodontists have completed the Master in Damon Orthodontics.
In addition to Damon orthodontics, in our clinics we also work with Invisalign invisible orthodontics.
ortodoncia damon

 Benefits of orthodontics Damon

  • Shorter duration of treatment (7 months less treatment compared to traditional orthodontics).
  • Lower number of visits to the dentist (47.8% less).
  • Greater comfort and less pain caused by the movement of the teeth

Why perform orthodontics in Abaden Dentistas?

  • Clinical Session: We perform a joint diagnosis involving doctors, dentists of various specialties and prosthetics. The benefit is that the patient is being treated by professionals who have 28 years of shared experiences to their credit.
  • Experience and training: Every year our orthodontists treat more than 200 patients in the Abaden centers. All our orthodontists have Masters in Damon Orthodontics and Invisalign Orthodontics.
  • Quality of materials and innovation: Our orthodontists use various orthodontic techniques depending on the needs of each case and the preferences of our patients. We use the leading brands in orthodontics.
  • Multidisciplinary Center: On many occasions orthodontic treatments are accompanied by other dental treatments. The fact of being a multidisciplinary center allows the patient to find a global solution to their oral problems without having to change centers. We have recently incorporated the pediatric dentistry service in order to offer a more personalized service to this group.


1. Case study
In the first visit the orthodontist will make a first evaluation of the state of your mouth and will give you a first orientation on the treatment to be performed. An aesthetic and functional study is carried out (photos of the mouth, molds, x-rays and cephalometry). In the second visit, you will be explained the treatment plan agreed in the clinical session by the medical team and the treatment phases to be followed.
2. Placement of Damon brackets
The brackets are placed and the hygiene and maintenance measures necessary for the proper functioning of the treatment are explained. Periodic visits (every 8 weeks approximately) where the doctor will analyze the evolution of the treatment and will make the necessary adjustments on the arch and the brackets to achieve the desired results.
3. Remove brackets
Once the treatment is finished you are given some invisible aligners that you will have to use at night and that will serve to maintain the results obtained. A fixed retainer will also be placed on the inner surface of the tooth.
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    Clinical Cases


    “My teeth were very crowded and it was difficult for me to brush my brush. I put on appliances for 12 months and now I have straight and more beautiful teeth. Now I can wash my mouth better and I’m not ashamed to smile in the photos. “


    Erika Gay

    “I’ve been less time than I expected, the treatment from the whole team very close and friendly, very happy with the results, I recommend it!”


    In what cases is Damon orthodontics recommended?

    It is indicated for anyone who wants to place the teeth in the correct position or want to improve their aesthetics.
    Both young people and adults can make use of this system.

    Will my teeth hurt during the treatment?

    In the first days after orthodontic placement, the teeth begin to move and the patient feels pressure and, as a consequence, may feel some discomfort. However, they will disappear in a few weeks.

    How often are control visits made?

    It will depend on each case, in general, control visits are made every 8 weeks. Your dentist will indicate the visits before starting the treatment.

    Will my teeth move after performing orthodontic treatment?

    The use of retainers after orthodontic treatment is necessary to maintain and stabilize the position of the teeth. It is indicated that you go to the post-treatment control visits.

    How much does Damon orthodontics cost?

    The price of Damon Orthodontics will depend on the duration of each case. The simplest cases can be solved in less than 12 months and the cost goes from 1,800 euros, the cases of medium complexity (12 to 18 months) range from 2,500 euros and the more complex cases, which can last up to 24 months, go from 3,000 euros.

    Is it necessary to perform a radiological test before starting treatment?

    Yes, the orthodontist will need a teleradiogram and an orthoptogram of your mouth to make a good diagnosis and treatment plan


    financiación dental    
    At Abaden we know that there are certain personalized treatments that are more expensive due to the material and instruments required. However, they are still necessary, which is why we want to make payment easier so economic issues don’t become obstacles.
    • Financing: Up to 36 months interest free or up to 60 months with preferred conditions.
    • Payment distrubution: pay monthly treatment fees in convenient installments.
    • Possibility of a discount for paying for the treatment in full at the beginning.
    • Automate your payments for convenience with direct debit.
    • We accept credit card payments.
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